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Chapter statistics
01 Feb 2020

Members 5,601
Volunteers 237
Certifications 4,290
PfMP 13
PgMP 27
PMP 3,989

About the Chapter

Member Benefits:


When does my membership begin

Your membership begins when you register through PMI. Our chapter is dependent on the timing that PMI sends us member updates. We have found that registration in the first 7 days of the month can take 6-10 days for PMI to process the membership records and forward them to the PMINJ chapter database. Registrations in the middle or end of the month take 2-5 days for processing to get transferred to the PMINJ chapter database.

Monthly chapter meetings will honor the member rate at the main meeting location with your proof of enrollment in the chapter, with the exception of satellite locations. Please contact Member Services for assistance with your initial registration needs.

If there is an impending registration deadline, contact the Member Service team with your proof of membership to get a discount code to register as a non-member at the member rate.

Note: due to security concerns, members must be in our database to register at satellite locations.

What is term of membership

Your membership in PMINJ starts the day you register through PMI. The PMINJ membership normally lasts for a full year. The registration is extended through the end of the month. (if you register on 2-14-2017, your membership will expire on 2-28-2018)

If you register at a different time than when you register for PMI, your PMINJ membership will be aligned to the PMI expiration date.

When does my membership expire

Your PMINJ expiration date is the same as the PMI expiration date even though you may join the NJ chapter at a different time than PMI.

How do I login

Click the 'Registration' or 'Login' tabs on the menu bar.
Your Login ID is your preferred email you have registered with PMI.
The first time, click 'forgot password' and a temporary password will be sent to the preferred email.

How can I get more involved in the chapter - Volunteer

Professional Development

What is offered

PMINJ offers monthly programs from September through June (except December). The chapter also offers 2 symposiums each year (in May and November). We also offer certification prep courses and workshops.

What types of classes are offered

Various workshops on Agile and Scrum and PMP certification classes.

Who can enroll in chapter sponsored events

With a few exceptions, PMINJ events are open for anyone to register. PMINJ members get discounts.


Use the 'Services' tab on the menu bar to access:

Job Ads
Member Resumes
The Career Networking LCI

Monthly Programs
Use the 'Events' tab on the menu bar

Use the 'Events' tab on the menu bar

Use the 'Training' tab on the menu bar

Reporting PDUs


When does the chapter meet

The monthly programs are available from September through June (except December) on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, with a few exceptions. See Schedule

Where does the chapter meet

There is a Main dinner site and several 'Satellites'. The main site rotates between several Central New Jersey locations. The satellites are available depending on proximity to the main site or other logistics at the specific location.

Who can attend chapter meetings

Anyone can attend meetings at the main location. PMINJ members receive a discount for pre-registration. ONLY PMINJ members can attend meetings at the satellite locations free with pre-registration.

Is registration required

Pre Registration is required for discounts to monthly programs.

Is there a cost to attend

Yes, at the main location which includes dinner. PMINJ members receive a discount to attend. Satellite attendance is free for PMINJ members only.

Is there a deadline to register for meetings

Pre-registration closes the Thursday before the meeting. Walk-ins are allowed at the main location but not the satellites.

Local Communities of Interest (LCIs)

An LCI is a component of the PMINJ Chapter (Chapter). It leverages its own resources and works in conjunction with the Chapter to provide focused discussions on topics related to its individual goals and objectives.

The LCI will work in cooperation with the Chapter to provide additional value to PMI members and people in the community with a specific focus on local activities. The LCI will provide a forum to share common interests and challenges, share experiences related to the setup and operation of the LCI, discuss trends associated with its charter, provide continuing project management education and learn from other PMI professionals or interest groups.

Our chapter is currently active with 3 different themes for the communities: Agile, Career Networking, and PMO. The LCI meetings occur before dinner is served at the main meeting location for our monthly programs meeting.

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